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Better Mousetraps Often Fail

The old adage about the world beating a path to your door simply because you built a better mousetrap is absolute rubbish. Great products often fail and mediocre products often succeed and the launch strategy is often the difference.

Our elite team can provide rock star strategies that will virtually guarantee your launch is a success.. Our CEO and Founder has written the #1 best-selling book on marketing—named a must-read marketing book for 2017 by both LinkedIn and Mashable.

Our Services Include:

Fast track your product to market success

Identified the best channels

Build a bulletproof digital strategy

Find strategic partners

Optimize your product for success

Build a Rockstar Brand

Drive sales and profit fast

Build multiple sales channels

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From Concept to Commercialization

Innovation Consulting

We have been providing Innovation Consulting services to the top brands in the world for over a quarter of a century. Let’s Talk.

Innovation Training

Our Innovation Superstar® Training Program will give your Team and Leadership the skills necessary to drive growth and profit in a time of disruption.

Outsourcing and Scouting

We help great organizations bolster their existing innovations by assisting them in Creating and Scouting for the best innovations.

Launch Marketing

The overwhelming majority of innovations fail as a result of poor launch strategies. Our team of Marketing Superstars will deliver market success for you every time.